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Oxygen mist suction stick

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"The world's first! Unexperienced new habit of breathing oxygen-clad mist"


Made with the only technology in the worldWOX®️Has developed a breathing oxygenator. When you inhale through the mouth of the stick, it is filled insideWOXThe solution is overheated and oxygenated water vapor is generated. It is the world's first completely new oxygen replenisher that can absorb water vapor with oxygen anytime and anywhere.


Features of oxygen mist suction stick

.Oxygen supplement waterWOX®️Is used.WOX®️Is the only product in the world that uses patented technology to dissolve oxygen in pure water and replenish water and oxygen together.(Japan:Patent No.6367519 USA:10,913,037)

2. It has been loved by top athletes in various disciplines such as figure skating, soccer, and rugby, and is now attracting attention. It refreshes the mouth, nose, throat and lungs by inhaling oxygenated water vapor.

3. When you smoke, the light at the tip emits light andWOX®️Water vapor rises.

4. Even if you smoke in your home room or in a car, you can rest assured that it is water vapor and oxygen.

5. Disposable type that can be used immediately after acquisition due to insufficient charging. About oxygen mist800Can be sucked once.1Day20About as sucking times40Day(about1.3months)Can be sucked. (There are individual differences)


Oxygen inhalation with a stick3Two benefits

・ By steamingWOX®️The range of contact with the mucous membrane1,800Double. *1

・ Oxygen can easily enter the body when it is combined with water vapor.

・ The straw effect allows you to go deeper into your lungs. *2

1 Steam and volume1,800By doublingWOX®️Increases the area of mucous membranes that come into contact with.

2 Straw effect: By purging your mouth and inhaling, the torrent of air taken into your body increases and it becomes easier to reach the depths of your lungs, which helps to train your respiratory muscles.


Health benefits of oxygen mist suction sticks

1. Turn WOX®️ into steam to replenish oxygen from the airways.

2. Even if WOX®️ is steamed, the shape of oxygen and water is maintained.

3. Since it is made into water vapor and sucked, a secondary oxygen suction method(gas)It is more easily absorbed by the body.

4. Since it is water vapor, it is absorbed from the oral cavity and the entire respiratory tract.

5. When you smokeSpO2value(Arterial oxygen saturation)And blood flow velocity increases.



Precautions for use

・ The oxygen mist suction stick in the appendix is not a treatment device. Please use it for relaxation and change of mood.

・ If you are taking medicine, have a chronic disease, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using.

・ Should you feel uncomfortable or unwell during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

・ Do not drop the product or apply strong force, shock or pressure as it may cause electric shock or malfunction.

・ Do not leave the product in direct sunlight, hot and humid places, or in a car under the scorching sun. It may cause performance deterioration or failure such as liquid leakage or rupture.

・ Do not get it wet, or use it in a humid place or near a fire.

・ Keep out of reach of children.

20We do not recommend selling to minors under the age of.

・ Never disassemble, modify or charge the product.

・ Do not use for any purpose other than its intended purpose.

・ When using, please observe public manners and related laws and regulations.

ledDo not use the one that does not emit light or emits steam.

・ Suction at intervals and do not use continuously for a long time.

・ We are not responsible for any health problems caused by using this product.

・ Approximately the number of suctions for this product800Although it is a time, there will be a difference depending on the sucking method and storage period.

-Batteries are consumables, so the number of times they can be sucked may be shortened even if they are not in use. Avoid heat and humidity, and use as soon as possible after opening.

・ Please note that if you inhale strongly and for a long time, the temperature may rise.

・ Please stop using the product within 3 months after opening it.

・ Keep the mouthpiece clean before use.


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