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HT Silver 10 20L Cube Tank

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"New antibacterial and antiviral agents for new lifestyles"


HT Silver 10

"Non-alcoholic, non-hypochlorous acid, non-chemical"

Ingredients are pure waterHTSilver(Reinforced silver)only. It is transparent and odorless and can be used by anyone.HTSilver is a nano-silver solution developed with excellent know-how, and is characterized by its discoloration and effect not being diminished by light, heat, acid, alkali, etc.

Effect of HT Silver 10

Features of HT Silver 10

                                -Originally developed 1000ppm improved nano-silver solution.
                                ・ 10 times more than conventional silver (nano silver, silver colloid).
                                -Difficult to discolor.
                                ・ The concentration of antiseptic effect is 1-3ppm or more due to temperature change.
                                ・ The concentration of antiviral effect is 10ppm or more.

Use applications

・ Mask ・ Face shield ・ Clothing ・

Bedding, furniture, shoes, glasses, personal computers, smartphones,

Toilet seat, doorknob, etc.




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