Reasons for choosing oxygenated water WOX


"Oxygen supplement water WOX®️ is a completely new form of oxygen"


WOX®️What is

It is oxygen to drink for the purpose of supplementing oxygen from the digestive organs.
Oxygen supplement waterWOX®️Is made by the original special manufacturing method.
The image is "fine water and oxygen and wrap oxygen molecules with water molecules".
As a result, it is absorbed from the digestive organs together with water, and we succeeded in supplying oxygen to the body by a route completely different from lung respiration.

World's only technology (patented substance)

  • The substance patent was obtained for oxygenated waterWOX®️only!
    (Japan: Patent No. 6367519 US: US10,913,037)
  • 125mlBy drinking, the oxygen concentration in the blood rises. In oxygen capsule1The effect is equal to or better than when the time has passed. (WOX®️:+2/Oxygen capsule: +0.8%

"Only WOX®️ in the world"

Unlike other oxygen make-up water, the special technology of wrapping oxygen molecules with water molecules, which has obtained a substance patent, does not release oxygen for 5 years even if the cap is opened.

In addition, since the ingredients are only pure water and oxygen, children and the elderly can drink with confidence.